Vans HB is open for business.

Thank you very much City of Huntington Beach, Vans and CA Skate Parks for throwing down some critically needed quality concrete for the area. We will get some use out of it, I promise. Now if only you guys could redo Murdy Park that would be awesome and probably would fix the craziness happening over there. Nothing like bright lights and families to detour mischief.

New Vans Huntington Beach Public Skate Park

Grand Opening 3-22-2014, Its about time.

Strong winds, high surf forecast for Southern California

Go ahead and drain the pools, but save some energy for the surf we have on tap this week. Might be good. Either way, the last rains gave everything a much needed scrub down and filled all the empty pools with between one to two feet depending on where you live. Dirty runoff is a bitch and surfing it is not any better as I found out after surfing my home break this past weekend in pumping overhead surf at a spot that never breaks. Been paying ever since with a nice respiratory irritation that made it tough to sleep all week.

High Surf Advisory for Southern California Issued March 6 & 7, 2014

High Surf Advisory for Southern California Issued March 6 & 7, 2014

Custom Skateboards Made in Los Angeles-California USA

Testing skateboards in real backyard pools not the kiddie parks. This is for the real deal hardcore skateboarding. Quality made in Los Angeles, California USA!

Toby Burger Shallow End Boardslide & Hand Shaped Skateboards

My hand shaped skateboards work well in backyard pools.

*Made with Canadian Maple Veneers

Do not drink the water!

This happened over the summer,

Read more:

Teenagers fall sick after swimming in makeshift pool they created by filling SKATE PARK with river water

  • Crowds of young people flock to skate park in Hebden Bridge, Yorkshire
  • Concrete crater somehow filled with dirty water from nearby River Calder
  • But several are now believed to be suffering sickness and diarrhoea
  • Calderdale Council launches investigation to find out how it was filled