BEWARE: West Nile Virus in OC Pools

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Mosquito bites that can kill you are no bueno.  People of Southern California have been slow to grasp the severity of this issue and have allowed this to happen.  For years the local pool skateboarding community has known this and has been at the forefront of this ongoing epidemic.  We have been preaching the gospel of clean and dry backyard pools for decades.  Dirty water is part of our business, its never been good, but knowing what you are dealing with is part of the battle.  It has gotten worse over the years and the current social economic climate has set the stage.  Keeping the pools clean and running is expensive but safe.  Even partially filled pools with a 1/2″ deep puddle can be a mosquito factory.  Combine that with hot daytime and nighttime temperatures (mosquito larvae need warm water to hatch and start their lives) and we have a recipe for disaster at best.  Think about it, your unused partially empty pool is more of a threat than it was full and clean.  Might as well keep it dry.  It can kill you either way!

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1) Orange County is currently experiencing the highest level of West Nile virus infection in mosquitoes ever recorded in the county.

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**On the flip side, surf has been really good if you know where to go with clean conditions, warm water and warm weather!  Play safe and know your limits.